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Clamp type thermal insulation pipe bracket
Petrochemical industry supporting pipeline is designed to keep the stability of pipeline. If the support position of instability, it is possible to cause pipeline damage, especially heating should be pipeline force and earthquake effect, must have reliable supporting measures. Common support housing direct contact with the pipeline, resulting in a large number of heat loss. Our technical staff on-site inspection, to explore exchanges designed clamp type thermal insulation pipe bracket. The pipe support not only has the support strength, but also has heat insulation and fire resistance.
Clamp type thermal insulation pipe bracket, by clamps with insulation material type bearing component, greatly reduces the heat loss of high temperature pipe.
Operating temperature: T > 400 C pipe or pipe material is stainless steel and other special materials, selected clip type thermal insulation pipe bracket, the structure is non welding connection manner.
Thermal insulation pipe bracket provided guarantee for the smooth operation of the safe operation of the pipeline, medium. Traditional insulation ordinary pipe support and continue to heat, which is bare caused the huge energy consumption phenomenon, has attracted great attention of related units. From the thermal insulation and energy saving point of view, the common pipe bracket as a bare pipe, not only its outward heat loss energy; and as a bridge by steel bracket and contact together form a temperature gradient heat transfer field directly to the atmosphere heat loss to 200 DEG C and steam pipes as an example: usually temperatures, by common pipe support heat loss caused by occupying the whole heat pipe heat loss 3/5.
Clamp type thermal insulation pipe bracket according to the force condition of long distance high temperature medium delivery pipe network complex, can satisfy the compression, bending, torsion, shear strength, thermal insulation needs. The reasonable structure of the pipe support and pipe overall com. Thermal insulation pipe bracket under the maximum compressive strength is 20Mpa; the clamp type thermal insulation pipe bracket is also resistant to features of the fuel, thermal insulation, low density, high mechanical strength.
The number of years that the actual use of the pipe support to meet the design requirements, to meet user requirements, the oil, chemical, metallurgy, electric power enterprises pipeline long distance transporting high-temperature medium plays a crucial role in.
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